Our Burden

Our Passion

“I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light.”

The Nubi of Uganda

The Nubi are an Islamic people group in Uganda with a population of at least 36,000 with their own distinct language, and culture. They do not have any portions of scripture in their language, there are no written Christian resources, no tracts, and they don’t even have the Jesus film in their language. While it is possible there may be a few believers among this tribe, there is not a single Nubi church (of any denomination). Our burden is to see a Nubi Church started in Uganda, that will reproduce itself and spread the Gospel to its own people, to the rest of Uganda, and even into neighboring countries and people groups.

Why the Nubi?

God first began burdening my heart for the Nubi when I heard about them in my “World Survey” class at Baptist Bible Translators Institute. While I was at BBTI I have been praying about what God has for me, and God began putting a burden in my heart to go to a truly needy people group. After doing some further research into the Nubi I came to the conclusion that the Nubi of Uganda are the most needy group in terms of engagement with the Gospel. I am motivated by the same passion that missionary John Keith Falconer had when he said “I have but one candle of life to burn, and I would rather burn it out in a land filled with darkness than in a land flooded with light.” After doing some research into the Nubi I looked for contacts from this group on Facebook and I ended up connecting to a English speaking Nubi named Akida who lives in the town of Arua, we began talking over the internet and chatting for about a year. In November 2018 I went to Uganda and met him in person.

A few weeks later, he invited me to a cultural function for the Nubi in Uganda where I was received as an honored guest. At this event, I was formally introduced to the Nubi community and I met many individual Nubis. Going to this event connected me to the Nubi people, When I first showed up, they told me, you are now one of us, a Nubi. During a speech by one of the Nubi they referred to me as “a Nubi from America”, I think this was their way of saying their community had accepted me as an individual. God is already opening doors and giving me positive connections to the Nubi community in Uganda.

Our Plan to Reach the Nubi

Learn the Language

Learning the Ki-Nubi language is not only the key to communicating the Gospel to them, but also will be the key to developing relationships with the Nubi people. Knowing their language will help break down the barriers that Islam has erected.

Learning the Culture

We will be showing an interest in their culture, seeking to learn everything we can about them so that we can understand how they think, feel, and relate to the world around them. We will use our interest in their culture as a tool to build relationships with them. We am considering working on and putting together a documentary about their culture when we get there so that we can have an “excuse” to spend more time with these people.

Presenting the Gospel

While building relationships, we will continually be seeking God’s leading and looking for opportunities to sharing the Gospel.

Discipling Believers

Once there are Nubi believers, we will work with them to teach them how to follow Jesus Christ. Along with this comes the need to help the believers organize into self governing, self supporting, reproducing churches.

Bible Translation

Eventually throughout this process, there is going to be a need for Bible translation. This is part of the reason why I am currently working on a Master of Theology in Biblical Languages