Blessings Along the Way


Even up to this point, we have already seen God bless in wonderful ways! Read and watch below of how God has already used us in Uganda.

I met Fanuel, a Lugbara man, in 2016 during a short trip. I shared the Gospel with him, and he got saved and gave public testimony the very same evening about salvation. One year later, he attended soul winning training, and two years later he sang a Lugbara song for me.

Rashid was my Muslim Lugbara motorcycle driver for my trip in 2018. He came and heard me preach the Gospel many times, and on the very last night, before I left, he accepted Christ as his Savior.

Simemu was a Lugbara Muslim woman who came to the meetings we held in 2016 for the church plant in the village of Ajopala. She came faithfully each night despite her husband coming, pulling her out of the meeting, and rebuking her for attending. On the last day of the meetings, I had the privilege of counseling her, and she ended up getting saved. She said that she was very afraid of the persecution she would receive from her family, but she said “I would rather die with Christ, than to live without him.”

Adults Singing

Children Singing